Aircraft Ferry Service | Aeroflight ServicesAeroflight Services is a division of Aerofield Services,  providing global aircraft ferry.

Aeroflight Services was conceived and formed as a logical extension to the services currently provided by Aerofield Services and combines the technical and ferry aspects of aircraft transfer into one seamless package.   

With our high level of expertise in the industry Aeroflight Services can offer a complete turnkey ferry or only the parts that you require including:

  • PlanningFlight Crew
    • Overflight and Navigation fees
    • Permits
    • Filing and Fight Plans
  • Flight Crew positioning and accommodation
  • Customs
  • Fueling
  • Ground Handling
  • Catering
  • TSA and APIS Filing

Aircraft Delivery | Aircraft Ferry PermitAeroflight Services along with Aerofield Services now allows for a seamless transition from the technical aspects of transfer to the final delivery of your aircraft without the complicated transition to a different ferry company.  The benefits include:

  • One invoice
  • One team
  • The same careful attention to detail you’ve come to expect
  • Global Maintenance service
  • Co-ordination between technical and flight operations


We’re excited to offer this combined service and believe it to be unique in the aircraft transfer business.  Our goal is to make the transfer of your aircraft as efficient and timely as possible.  We look forward to discussing this service with you.


Aviation Ferry Service

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